Tennis Elbow Surgery

Hand Surgeon Mark E. Pruzansky, MD and Jason S. Pruzansky, MD can help you experience less pain and recover quicker from hand, wrist and elbow surgery through minimally invasive surgery techniques. Call our Concierge Services at 212-249-8700 to schedule your appointment.

Tennis Elbow Surgery can be performed in one of two ways depending on the extent of damage, patient preference and doctor recommendation.

The more traditional procedure, which can be done arthroscopically or minimally invasively, entails entirely excising the damaged pieces of the lateral extensor tendon.

The newer technique — pioneered by hand surgeon Dr. Mark E. Pruzansky — involves the minimally invasive debridement, repair and reattachment of the damaged tendon to the lateral epicondyle bump of the outer elbow. In the event that the post-debridement tendon cannot reach the bone, a piece of tendon (graft) is taken harmlessly from the wrist. The latter restores the anatomy to as close to the original, undamaged condition as possible—leading to a usually more complete recovery and higher success rates.

In both instances, surgery is followed by a brief period of immobilization with free use of the hand followed by physical therapy.