Wrist Surgery in New York City, New York

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Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery can be used to diagnose chronic pain and stiffness as well as to remove bone fragments and spurs caused by fractures, repair ligament and triangular fibrocartilage tears and uproot ganglion cysts.

It can also relieve nerve pressure (see Carpal Tunnel Release). Wrist Arthroscopy Surgery is also a useful adjunct in fracture and ligament reconstruction surgery.

View an Actual Arthroscopic Wrist Surgery

The midcarpal joint is shown.  The triquetrum is seen on the right, lunate next and the capitate is above.  Finally, the scaphoid is viewed, demonstrating a fracture of the scaphoid as exemplified by the defect in the articular cartilage running diagonally across the screen, and opposite the capitate, which is seen above.

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