Microsurgery is the kind of hand surgery that is used to operate on very small structures such as the nerves and arteries of the hands and wrists.

Using a microscope and miniaturized instruments, as an outpatient procedure with regional anesthesia in most cases, the surgeon is able to repair cut, scarred and compressed nerves and arteries as well as remove scar tissue from around tendons, bones and joints.

Microscopic enhanced magnification up to 40 times, which allows the surgeon to make stitches that are smaller than the width of a human hair. In the way nearly imperceptible blood vessels and nerves can be repaired with minimal scarring.

Sometimes tissues are removed from part of the body to the microsurgical site to enhance sensation, movement, and skin and soft tissue coverage.

Microsurgery has a unique set of challenges for successful outcomes, which requires a skilled surgeon with extensive experience and training.

In the video below, Dr. Pruzansky treated a child with microsurgery.

A 2-year-old boy from the Catskills, accidentally got his hand stuck in a meat grinder. There was not a surgeon in town with the necessary microsurgical skills. The boy came to New York City in an attempt to save his fingers, hand and wrist.

A policeman had to use a pneumatic saw to cut and remove the grinder. Dr. Pruzansky cleaned the hand and then repaired three severely damaged fingers that were deeply lacerated and crushed at multiple points in each digit. The boy was able to regain most of the use of his fingers.

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